Express lasagna

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Nothing like a good traditional dish of Express lasagna that is prepared very quickly and easily in the microwave. A recipe to test that should please you! Parts: 6 Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 18 min Category: Main course Cuisine: Italian Chef: Sophie L. Ingredients Bolognaise sauce400 ml Ground beef200 g Mozzarella200 g Bechamel200 ml Grated parmesan50 g […]

Vegetarian toast with mushrooms and parsley


Whether for a gourmet snack, an aperitif or a light starter vegetarian toast with mushrooms and parsley Parts: 4 Preparation: 10 min Cooking: 10 min Category: Aperitif and appetizer | Entrance | Vegetarian cuisine | Aperitif toast | Vegetarian appetizer vegetarian toast with mushrooms Cuisine: French Chef: Nadia Button mushrooms (fresh or frozen)1 kg Slices of bread4 Clove garlic2 Olive oil5 tbsp Fresh parsley4 […]

Beet quinoa steak veggie burger


Beet quinoa steak veggie burger Find an original and gourmet recipe for the vegan burger revisited with the association of quinoa and beetroot. Parts: 6 Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 15 min Category: Main course Cuisine: vegetarian Burger buns4 Precooked quinoa150 g Precooked beetroot1 Carrot1 Tomatoes3 Eggs3 Shallot1 Lawyers2 Onion1/2 Red onions2 Garlic3 pods Olive oil4 […]

Healthy rice salad


To indulge yourself with delicacy and lightness, fall for this healthy rice salad. Refreshing and tasty, it is very easy to prepare. Parts: 4 Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 25 min Category: Entrance | Healthy | Salad Cuisine: French Chef: Nadia Rice1 large glass Tuna in brine or in olive oil1 box But1 box Eggs2 Green olives1 small glass Olive oil1 tbsp […]

Vegan savory waffles


These vegan savory waffles are perfect for a quick bite to eat. Healthy and tasty, they are a pure delight! Sparkling water350 ml Plain flour250 g Courgette½ Grated smoked tofu100 g Olive or sunflower oil65 ml Yeast1 bag Parsley2 tbsp Garlic1 clove Salt1 tea spoon Preparation of the recipe: vegan savory waffles […]

Light pumpkin soup


A light pumpkin soup to lightly accompany your winter meals. This is what we offer you with this recipe composed of pumpkin flesh, condensed milk, broth and a hint of nutmeg. A recipe to accompany meat or a fish fillet. PREPARATION GUIDE: LIGHT PUMPKIN VELVETÉ  4 Pers.  15 min  10 min  Easy […]

Wrap light au concombre et au saumon


GUIDE DE PRÉPARATION : WRAP LIGHT AU CONCOMBRE ET AU SAUMON  1 Pers.  5 min  1 min  Facile INGRÉDIENTS 1 galette de blé 1 tranche de saumon ou truite, fumé 1 càc de St Môret 2 feuilles de basilic 6 mini bâtonnets de concombre PRÉPARATION ÉTAPE 1 Sur votre galette, […]

Lemon slimming cheesecake


If you want lightness and softness, the lemon slimming cheesecake recipe is made for you. Without pie shell, this lemon cheesecake is light and low in calories. No need for fat to indulge in dessert. Make by yourself a cheesecake with cottage cheese low in sugar and the sweet acidity of lemon. It’s so […]

Light oat bran cookies


Here is a recipe for light cookies to indulge yourself with gluttony. Composed of low-fat butter, oat bran, chocolate chips and flour; it’s a recipe for dietary biscuits high in fiber and low in fat that will make you forget about industrial cookies.NoteSaveCommentRead More PREPARATION GUIDE: LIGHT OAT-BRAN COOKIES  5 Pers.  15 […]