Express lasagna

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Nothing like a good traditional dish of Express lasagna that is prepared very quickly and easily in the microwave. A recipe to test that should please you! Parts: 6 Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 18 min Category: Main course Cuisine: Italian Chef: Sophie L. Ingredients Bolognaise sauce400 ml Ground beef200 g Mozzarella200 g Bechamel200 ml Grated parmesan50 g […]

Healthy rice salad


To indulge yourself with delicacy and lightness, fall for this healthy rice salad. Refreshing and tasty, it is very easy to prepare. Parts: 4 Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 25 min Category: Entrance | Healthy | Salad Cuisine: French Chef: Nadia Rice1 large glass Tuna in brine or in olive oil1 box But1 box Eggs2 Green olives1 small glass Olive oil1 tbsp […]

Light pumpkin soup


A light pumpkin soup to lightly accompany your winter meals. This is what we offer you with this recipe composed of pumpkin flesh, condensed milk, broth and a hint of nutmeg. A recipe to accompany meat or a fish fillet. PREPARATION GUIDE: LIGHT PUMPKIN VELVETÉ  4 Pers.  15 min  10 min  Easy […]

Wrap light au concombre et au saumon


GUIDE DE PRÉPARATION : WRAP LIGHT AU CONCOMBRE ET AU SAUMON  1 Pers.  5 min  1 min  Facile INGRÉDIENTS 1 galette de blé 1 tranche de saumon ou truite, fumé 1 càc de St Môret 2 feuilles de basilic 6 mini bâtonnets de concombre PRÉPARATION ÉTAPE 1 Sur votre galette, […]